Nazareno Lorenzo

//Full-Stack Web Developer

TEDxUTN Colaborator BarcampBA Speaker and Organizer Hobbyist musician

Hey! I'm Nazareno, a 25 years old web developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina living in Amsterdam. I started programming in my spare time when I was 12 years old in PHP+MySQL+JS and I didn’t stop learning since then.

I worked for all kind of companies, from small startups based on San Francisco to (one of the five biggest travel agencies in the world) , on different positions, from Frontend Developer to Technical Leader of a team. Frequently I give talks and seminars about PHP, Web Security, MVC Frameworks and other topics in events and institutes. (PHPDay, EducacionIT, BarCamp, etc.)

Technical Skills

PHP & Development

I can make safe, scalable and highly optimized applications and services. I work principally with Object Oriented Programming with PHP5, using SQL databases (MySQL, MsSQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis), depending on the case.

Some topics that I love are: WebServices, MVC (Laravel, CodeIgniter and most of the standard MVC Frameworks), Amazon AWS, MemCached, Gearman, Composer, Encryption, machine learning.

I teached advanced PHP and MySQL to coworkers and colleagues and was in charge of a basic PHP course on EducacionIT, one of the biggest IT learning schools in Buenos Aires.


Large experience with HTML and CSS. Responsive sites development, optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Use of Front-End Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Modernizr, resets). SCSS/LESS.


Rich Cross-browser Interfaces development. AngularJS and jQuery lover, but I can start from scratch using old-school pure JavaScript if needed. Web Sockets. NodeJS.


  • Server administration on UNIX and Windows platforms. Apache, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB servers. Cloud networks and replication. Errors and performance tracking (NewRelic, Munin).
  • Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN), Task administrators (Jira, Trello)
  • Adobe Design Suite.
  • Automated Adwords campaigns generation (Adwords API) with millions of dollars per month of investment.
  • English language proficiency and a basic level of portuguese.

Work Experience

Software Developer @ bunq

March 2016 - Present
  • "IT startup with a banking license". Modern dutch fintech company.
  • Worked on the architecture of several different projects across the core banking platform and api layers.

Software Developer @ BairesDev

October 2013 - January 2016
  • GraphScience PHP based platform for Facebook ads bidding optimization and management. Extensive use of the Facebook Graph API and Facebook Ads API. Developed new modules using CodeIgniter, MySQL, MongoDB, Gearman, Memcached and Amazon AWS.
  • Univision is the biggest spanish language broadcasting channel in North America. Worked in the Core development team, as a frontend and backend developer, in applications that mixed PHP (Zend Framework) and Java (SPRING/JBOSS/Maven).

Analyst Developer MKTO @

May 2012 - October 2013
  • Development of a platform that automated the creation of huge AdWords campaigns.
  • At charge of a team that developed high-traffic landings with PHP, MySQL, Redis and MongoDB among other technologies, being responsible for platform and technical strategies decisions. Cloud servers administrator.
  • Definition of best practices and guidelines on code and versioning workflow. Development of several internal tools.
  • Analysis of statistics and requirements. Referent with other teams leaders, managing the requests, guidelines and requirements to and from other areas.

Web Developer @ Studio0

January 2010 - February 2011
  • FrontEnd and BackEnd development with Html+Javascript+CSS and PHP+MySQL
  • Server configuration
  • New technologies investigation
  • Other employees training

Outsourcing & Freelance

2007 - 2009 and 2011
  • Outsourcing of PHP developments for local and international clients
  • HTML+CSS mockup for multiple design studios
  • In conjunction with a Designer, we developed for final users complete sites, e-commerce portals, news and stock systems.


Information Systems Engineering

2011 - 2013 (Abandoned) UTN (National Technologic University)

Communications, Arts and Design oriented Highschool

2008 - 2010 Instituto Vicente Pallotti

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